Newsletter 2020

Dear ESEM colleagues and friends,

I am happy that the Egyptian Society of Electron Microscopy has actively started work on the 29th of October 2019, and much honored to be the first President of the Society. The society will work hard to sightsee the use of EM technology in life sciences and material science in our scientific institutions. It will support and increase the experience of the junior researchers through the organization of conferences, training courses and workshops. My foremost interests for our upcoming plan of work are the development of a database for the Egyptian EM working professionals in the fields of material science and life sciences, as well as, the activation of the   communication and networking between the EM workers inside Egypt and outside.

Concerning the ESEM news, I will go rapidly on the important achievement performed during the last few months. The ESEM Board of Directors met twice. The first one was on the 3rd of December 2019 and the second on the 8th of April 2020. The first meeting started with reading Al-Fatiha on the soul of Professor Elham Ibrahim Seif, the Emeritus Prof. of Pathology and one of the active founding members of the society, may God have mercy on her soul and enter her spacious heaven. The executive office of the society was reorganized to include the Emeritus Prof. Ayman Mohamed El-Sayed Ghallab Vice-President of the Board of Directors, Prof. Naglaa Ibrahim Abdel Moneim Sarhan, Secretary General and the Emeritus Prof. Hoda Ahmed Yehia Abdallah Treasurer. I prepared a society advertising flyer, membership application format, a society logo (attached) and wrote the content of the society website which is currently under construction.

The society activities are running through six committees: the Cultural, the Financial, the Health, the International affairs, the Social, and the Environment Protection and Social Services Committees. The cultural committee is headed by Prof. Nagwa EL Maali with the assistance of Prof. Manal Salman, Dr. Nadia Ragheb and members of the Board of Directors. The role of the committee is to organize scientific meetings, workshops and conferences, and, to issue a   scientific journal for the Society. The Financial committee is headed by Prof. Yasser Shabana with the assistance of the treasurer Emeritus prof. Hoda Yehia. The tasks of this committee are focused on reviewing the society’ incomes and expenses every four months and presenting a report to the board of directors. This committee, also, presents any proposals related to the society financial resources to the Board of Directors. The health committee is headed by the Emeritus professor Amira Helmy. Its role is to help the members to obtain the financial contribution determined by the treatment regimens to which they are subject. The committee for International affairs is headed by the Emeritus prof. Ayman Ghallab. It tackles the   promotion of international communication with our counterparts. The Social Committee is headed by Em. Prof. Magda Azmy with the assistance of Em. Dr. Moshira Badawi. The committee will provide ways of communication between the society members, as the creation of WhatsApp group and the organization of group trips. The committee of the Environment Protection and Social Services is headed by Dr. Nadia Ragheb. The role of this committee is to raise awareness about the safe disposal of industrial waste, and to organize literacy classes, with the attention to eradicate illiteracy of workers working in research centers and universities.

The Board of Directors have decided to organize an annual conference regularly held on the second Sunday of October. An award of appreciation will be awarded to the best research study based on the use of electron microscopy submitted during the society annual conference.  The society first annual conference will be held on the 11th of October 2020 at Theodor Bilharz Research Institute. The theme of the conference is “The Electron Microscopy and The Pandemic COVID19”.  Updated details of the ESMS conference 2020 will be disseminated shortly online through the society website. The Board of Directors also decided to issue a scientific journal, for which a preliminary title was proposed “the Egyptian Journal of Microscopy”, provided that the journal will be firstly issued electronically.

And last but not least, I want to thank all of my colleagues for their enthusiasm and cooperation to boost this society toward success.


Very best wishes to all,

President of the ESEM

Emeritus Prof.Soheir Mansy